Friday, December 18, 2009

>Will I Be The Most Unlucky Gurl In This Entire World !? <

Hump . i'm really freakin'out as well , for bringing tiz kind of question . hahaha :) but recently , i mean everyday including the days before , i meet lots and lots of weird things . u know -- things tat happen to me . weird things ; sucks days ; unhappy days ; dumb things ; weird people ; loosers . i meet them almost everyday /// uhhhh . everything's look not good-huh . may'b my life seems to be unperfect ouh . OmG >>> tiz is really crazy . so damn crazy . bringing a question like tiz may'b makes me look dumb . but i have no options . i mean , tiz is my blog , and i am sad now . my heart hurts . i juz wanna tell the world and let them read tiz .
i will really think tat i am almost the crazy gurl , unperfect and unlucky in tiz world . but tat's only happen if i've discover soooo much weird thingy . *** i have friends though . really nice friends :) but sometimes there's a friend tat wasn;t a friend at all . -.- '''''''''''
there's once tiz girl . u can say it's a friend of mine . hee . she looks nice at first but when we've be friends for a very long time , i started to know tat she doesn't seems to be a nice friend . tat's y i started to realize tat i am the most unlucky girl in tiz world :) all i can say is 'it's owkey' . >>>
may'be i am the most unlucky gurl hump --------- END

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uhhh..I am nervous !! don't u feel the same way..?

I am soooo freakin' nervous . Like it's already in the month of December ! School's opening sooonn . and I have to wake up early and prepared to walk down the car . It's like tiz is crazy , soooo crazy ... it's kinda remind me like the 1st day I enter high school . I am not comfortable enough . I dun't noe . but my exam's results wasn't tat good . may;be i can't enter A class ? nope :)
tats not gonna happen or going 2 happen at alllll . but thinking bout tat . i am reali hepi if i study at St.Francis at kk lolz . tats much better .

SMK doesn't realli suites for me or even my fav school . not at all . there's not much of friends there for me . ouh :) i hate it . but i still hoping to stay at gemilang though . I'll improve my studies .

I hope there;s a new student in our class . and i don;t wanna the samee person to be in tat class as well :p
annoying . well . my mind is all around the floor . i juz don't noe how can i do .i have bad results and dunt noe if i have the chance to study at gemilang again . but i really wanna to study there . amen .hihihi.
hump . I hope everything's gonna be fine and i am gonna change my lifestyle .
heeeheee . . . . . .
daaadaaa ! ! muchi'smunchi's ^^

Friday, December 11, 2009

(Juz Loving It).........

> Ferrero Rocher ! Yum Yum Yummy !! <

Yummy! Thiz awesome. Like I am soooo obsessed wif Ferrero Rocher---Juz so damn yummy^^ Lolz. It's my fav food anyway. hahaks. It's small or u can say it's mini and chibi. round Ferrero Rocher and it's juz soooo damn cwweettt. uhu. xD
It's damn cool and inside there have nuts. wow~ I can't wait to buy thiz crazy choco that makes me crazy.wahahahah. But. Thiz kind of choco somehow can give to ur bf on the day of Valentine's Day if only u couldn't figure it out wat to give him. :) I am juz givin'a suggestion oooouuuhhh.
hihihi :p
maybe a Ferrero Rocher wif heart shape :)
OmGGGGGGGGGGGG.Juz a damn sweet feeeerrreerroooo rooochhherrr.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~!~ Me Love Christmas ~!~

...+ Christmas Is My Fav Season Eva!! +...

Hoooraaayyyy !! I love christmas,juz can;t wait to celebrate it wif my family^^My mom was about to 'open house' this christmas and I am juz can't wait for it..It's really fun to gather wif other peoples through christmas~And me and my family are going to church this 25th of December xD
I am really exciting,soooo damn exciting!! huahuahua..It's so much good if Malaysia have snow here,snow is the one I ever wanted for christmas and santa claus as well..But..oMg..that's not gonna happen anyway except in Switzerland..hahaha..
I am wondering if santa's really exists?? I've saw santa once but that's on the tv..I mean movie..huhue..
Plus..receive presents are one of my fav too!! I love presents...^^ And christmas tree tat full of decorations as weLL.............^^
OmG !! Juz can;t wait until CHRISTMAS DAY is coming!!!!